Prevention and withdraw of Children from worst forms of Child Labour

Prevention and withdrawing children from worst forms of child labour project commenced in the year 2009 under the ILO (Tipeck), Most of the children in Kaputula ward and surrounding areas were engaged in stone crushing using hand hammers, which vice was very dangerous for them and their parents as they were susceptible to contracting tuberculosis from inhaling stone dust as well as maiming themselves physically.

Most children opted to undertaking this kind of business as a means of survival to fend for their elderly guardians who had no other means of livelihood. Under which project a total of 500 children were prevented from going in worst forms of child labour and re-integrated in schools while 200 were withdrawn, provided with ongoing psychosocial support counselling and enrolled in skills training institutions to undertake short courses such as computers, driving, carpentry, bricklaying and catering in the year 2010.  Of the 200, 175 supported children completed their skills training and 120 have since been employed while 55 have set up their own small businesses.

Ongoing psychosocial support counselling of children and their guardians and parents proved very beneficial in the program as most children faced the challenge of loss of the only source of family income with the possibility of going back.  Parents and guardians of the children were, in addition trained in entrepreneurial skills, which skills, it was hoped would enable them engage in small businesses.